“In Pursuit of High Quality To Meet Our Customer’s Needs”

Is the basic of the Primdex Company Philosophy. We are dedicated to providing for the customers’ requirements for on – time delivery and the highest quality products. This has established Primdex Company as a reliable supplier with a quality product.

This commitment to exellence is continuing and the efforts of all our people are dedicated toward this goal.


The company was founded in 1953, and has been at it’s current location, Raca since 1978. Throughout the years we have been dedicated to providing quality wood products for major companies throughout Serbia. In 2005, the company was purchased by an American company, Primdex, Inc. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since our acquisition, Primdex has improved the infrastructure and invested in the newest technology available in the wood industry.

Quality Through Every Phase:

At Primdex there is one fundamental drive…a commitment and dedication to producing quality work. Each individual takes personal pride in his or her contribution, assuring that each component is the best it can be. Primdex’s capabilities are second to none because we continually strive to satisfy our customers’ demand for quality and on-time delivery.

Strategic Position:

By operating in Serbia, Primdex is a company which fully Benefits from having production outside of the European Union (EU), while enjoying the possibility of easily accessing the EU market. Bordering Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria, Serbia is at the doorstep of the EU. Via strategic transportation corridors No. 10 and No. 7 the country links Western Europe and the Middle East.

Growth Opportunity:

Serbia enjoys a Free Trade Agreement with Russia as well as duty-free exports to the EU and the USA for most products and services. Primdex is looking for investors to expand our existing production and increase our exports to a potential one billion person market without paying customs duties.

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Primdex is currently seeking Investors to become partners in the growth of our company. If you are interested in more information about this remarkable opportunity, please contact our corporate office in the USA at +1 630 202-2003 or email us at zciric@primdex.com

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